One-On-One Sessions

detoxify, balance, thrive

In these sessions, you and I will explore all areas of your health that you desire to improve. Together, we’ll identify your triggers, plan for obstacles, and harness strengths to redefine you. To be truly healthy involves more than eating the right foods. I’ll teach you how to incorporate self-care, physical activity, better sleep, and mindfulness as key elements for optimal health. While working together, you’ll feel in control of your health and reconnected to your body. My goal is for you to become your own health expert so you can sustain your new healthy lifestyle.

  • Initial consultation 60-minutes
  • Regular session 45-minutes
  • Mini check in session 20-minutes

Detox Your Kitchen

whip your kitchen into shape

Are you ready to say good riddance to hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, chemicals, and GMOs in your kitchen, but unsure where to start? I’ve simplified it for you so you can easily make gentle shifts toward your clean food goals. Together, we’ll go through the food items you want to change and I’ll explain the “why” behind keeping it or replacing it with a cleaner alternative. After we meet, you’ll receive a personalized reference guide of everything we discussed so you can confidently fill your kitchen with the real, wholesome food you desire.

Detox Your Kitchen is completely customizable; we can focus on any or all of these areas:

  • Fridge Detox
  • Freezer Detox
  • Pantry Detox

Simplified Grocery Shopping

say good-bye to grocery market stress

If your head spins at the options when you walk into the grocery market, you don’t have to fret anymore. Grocery shopping can be overwhelming, especially with so many items mislabeled as being healthy. Ever find yourself wondering:

  • If you should buy farm-raised or wild fish?
  • If you need fortified vitamins in your food?
  • If gluten-free is healthier?
  • The benefits of grass-fed, pasture raised, antibiotic free, hormone free, GMO-free, and organic?

When we meet, you will learn how to seamlessly navigate your grocery market, quickly scan food labels and know exactly what you are buying. The FDA does not require GMOs to be labeled — however, I’ll help you become your own food detective and weed them out.

This service is conducted at your grocery market of choice in New York City.

Bridal Wellness

it’s your time to glow

Are you looking to revive and rejuvenate the healthy way? I’ll teach you how you take your health to an entirely new level by incorporating nutrition with mind, body and spirit wellness. You’ll learn what foods to incorporate for weight loss and glowing skin without depriving yourself and how to tackle wedding stress with self-care. With this customized and balanced approach, you’ll be able to achieve your wellness goals for your wedding day, honeymoon and beyond.

Bridal Wellness is a series of one-on-one sessions inclusive of:

  • Initial consultation 70-minutes
  • 30-minute weekly sessions with a minimum commitment of 8 sessions
  • Access to me via email should any questions arise before your next session
  • Accountability text check in’s from me

Travel Wellness

wholesome goodness away from home

Traveling can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. During this session, you will learn how to increase your energy, boost immunity, combat jet-leg, nourish your body with the right meals, and learn alternative exercises when the gym is not an option. I’ll guide you through impactful yet practical steps to take so you can travel and feel great.

We’ll meet over the phone or Skype for this session and I’ll create a customized plan specifically focused on your individual travel needs.



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